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What started as a love for cooking, ended up as a passion to create. Necessity is the word that I would use as the base for my culinary career. I was a young mother trying to stretch my dollar while creating dishes my children would enjoy eating. I was not able to afford the premade chicken nuggets, amongst other things, my children wanted (and shouldn't be eating) so I learned to make them myself. I taught myself how to make bread, granola bars, fruit snacks and so many other things. I have to say that not all were winners but this process taught me how to improvise and use ingredients in a way that was outside the box. This has been an invaluable tool to possess in the culinary field. 
My passion for cooking eventually led me to Le Cordon Bleu. It was during my time here that I finally saw that there was an art to cooking. It wasn't just about creating a new dish. It is about the layering of flavors, textures and appearances. It is about a balance in the food that makes you want to take one more bite.
Even after your empty dish has been cleared, you're still wishing you had one more bite. This is what I love about cooking. 
After more than 20 years in the culinary field, I decided to branch out on my own to do what I love, my way.
Pinched Catering will offer a unique way to look at how to choose meals for your event. I will personally work with you to create a meal that not only tastes wonderful but also has meaning for you.
Let me help you turn your favorite foods into an experience your guests will never forget.
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since 2000​

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